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Why you need a solid website for your project

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A professional website with a business email communicates that you take your craft with dignity and care.

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Your website should not be just a business card, but rather a well-oiled machine to turn visitors into leads.

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People don’t just need to know what you do, they need to know why they should choose you! You are your story.

How a poorly built website hurts your business

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Lost profit

If your website fails to communicate your value proposition clearly and instantly, competition wins.

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Your visitors are not the only ones to notice the low quality. There is little hope to rank up in search engines.

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Unsecure websites can result in warnings or breakdowns, and at worst, may pose a risk to the safety of your visitors.

It does not have to be that way. I can help you move forward

Mario Luna

Hi, I’m Mario.

On the internet, we’re all strangers to one another. Despite this, we must build trust among our visitors within minutes if not seconds. I want you to feel confident in your own online presence so that you can connect with others.

As a former event organizer turned web professional, clarity is in my lifeblood. I will make sure that visitors understand the unique value that you provide.

I believe that our contributions to the world define us. Thus I focus on working on projects that have a positive impact on other people and the environment.

I can serve you also in:

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En español

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Not just good, but the best technical quality you can get PageSpeed score on mobile, tested 21.12.2022

Google core web vitals with perfect score

Want to know how well your website scores?

PageSpeed score is a metric developed by Google to assess the technical quality of websites. The metrics are based on usage on mobile, as Google prioritizes mobile quality over desktop.

Performance means how fast and lightweight the website is. It is usually the hardest to get right.

Accessibility means how accessible the website is for different user groups, such as those with poor or no vision at all.

Best practices mean if there are errors where software features are conflicting or suppressing each other or the usability. These may cause problems with security.

SEO score means mostly if the website is set up in a way that allows Google to index and crawl the website correctly. I’ve seen this one is usually the easiest to get right.

A page quality test can reveal many usability issues that are hidden from the human eye. Search engine rankings rely heavily on relevant content, but the quality of the pages also plays a role, especially on mobile devices.

The page quality test is also an excellent way of assessing the quality of a website from a completely unbiased party. Anybody can claim anything, but the test conclusions speak for themselves.

Lastly, this test also correlates a lot with real user experience. These days e.g. a website that loads more than 3 seconds can cause up to 40% of the visitors to leave before reaching the site.

If you’re using a “closed” CMS such as Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, or Hubspot, your options are more limited since most functions work according to the system. Then at least you can make your texts well visible, set the heading semantics correctly, and for speed, use less fancy animations and opt in for fewer and smaller images.

If you’re using an open-source option such as WordPress (this website), there are much more possibilities to improve. The Internet is full of speed guides, but if you want a personal look, you can ask for an audit from me.

Anyhow, some simple rules for better speed:

  • Use a quality web host (3€ a month will get you nowhere)
  • Choose a server that is nearest to your visitors
  • Optimize images and serve them in webp format
  • Only install plugins/features that are needed
  • Use a quality CDN (Content Delivery Network)
  • Use caching (preferably server side)

What kind of services you get from me

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Advanced websites

With top performance, the only limit is your imagination. Need a membership area? Complex booking system? Self hosted CRM? Check.

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Ecommerce stores

Using Woocommerce, nothing will stop you from scaling. No matter if you’re selling food, tickets, or a high-value item, let’s get the most out of it.

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Speed optimization

Is your website slow, but you want to keep the design? Let’s identify all current performance bottlenecks and improve your conversions.

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Site Care

Need assistance maintaining your WordPress site? I offer state-of-the-art servers, CDN, daily backups, security, uptime monitoring, and updates.

Reviews from happy clients

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Mario did an excellent job with our website. Not only did Mario offer great customer service with timely response, Mario is also a very proactive communicator in making us understand our visions about the website more clearly. Mario always offers his support and suggests how to make things better, even after the job has been well accomplished.

Bambi Dang portrait

Bambi Dang

CEO of Finest Future

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Mario is the most trustworthy developer I’ve worked with. Committed to making our vision a reality, he always looks for that one solution that benefits us the most, keeping us informed at every step along the way. Along with being professional and fast, he is also a kind person. I am happy to recommend Mario’s web services at any time!

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Pekka Kari

CEO at Grow Capital Oy

Some of my completed work

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Keep all your data, while giving privacy for your visitors

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Your personal data is not collected here.

This is because I use and offer my clients simple-to-understand, privacy-friendly analytics that is always in line with GDPR, so no cookies are needed!

If you still prefer using Google Analytics, then a functional cookie consent will be included.

A lock icon on a purple background

Your personal data is not collected here.

This is because I use and offer my clients simple-to-understand, privacy-friendly analytics that is always in line with GDPR, so no cookies are needed!

If you still prefer using Google Analytics, then a functional cookie consent will be included.

Is your website GDPR compliant?

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